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Spiced Wine ~ Fanfiction Is Real Writing.


(I don't actually post my fic on LJ. It was a pain in the bum, so I stopped ages ago.)

Journal is f-locked. Friend me if you like (with a message.) I detest wank and drama, I just like talking of general fandom things in a friendly way. :)

Tolkien fanfiction recommendations on delicious. (subject to updating) and Theme tunes for Tolkien fanfiction. (Delicious.)

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Fanfic stuff.
(Links go to Faerie archive)

Order of reading. It's not clear cut, sorry. I wanted to write an AU of Middle-earth, and then feel I could go back and flesh things out. I am just not organized.</p>

The Dark Prince series can be read in order:

Dark Prince, Dark Lands, Dark Blood, and Dark God.

The first story chronoligically is: I Will Lead And Thou Shalt Follow, set in Valinor in the Elder days.

Lords Of The Light is First and Second age, written primarily from the point of view of the Noldor, and telling Tindómion and Gil-galad's story, but it overlaps with Vanimórë's story, as they are the same 'verse.

The Power And The Passion, and its sequel Magnificat Of The Damned, take place directly after Dark Prince, and tell of events that take place in the twenty-five years between Dark Prince and Dark Lands. They will probably overlap.

Weapons Of The Gods is set far in the future, long after Dark God, but should be read after all the stories currently uploaded, as all contribute to its plot.

A Light In The East, and A Far, Fierce Sky are the first two stories in A Crucible Of Stars, a crossover between my Dark prince 'verse and Esteliel's Ethuil'waew, book I of her Anestel series. The timeline is changed, however, and it takes place approximately 500 TA, when Mirkwood was still the Greenwood.


Esteliel has very kindly created a Dark Prince Fanlore page for me.

Fanlore is a collaborative site by, for, and about fans and fan communities that create and consume fanworks and is a project by the Organization for Transformative Works (AO3) .

Vanimórë's You Tube Channel

A couple of Dark Prince themed videos. (I faff around at that sometimes.)

I started reading Tolkien in the late 80's, and I write and love slash; I see it in Tolkien canon and always have. Reading the Silmarillion, I found myself thinking that between certain characters the UST simply seethed. Fanfic gave me a chance to explore my beliefs. (My absolute One True Pairing all these years is Fëanor and Fingolfin.) I also love incest, twincest, angst, darkfic, conflicted relationships, BD/SM, kink and erotica, drama and mystery. Above all: passion.



Click on picture to see Esteliel's wonderful Poser-rendered work of her 'Anestel' series on Y!Gallery here.

Please note: Y!Gallery contains Adult M/M imagery.

Recommended author pages with podcasts on OFC's/Women in Tolkien, and slash, with links and story excerpts

Art look-a-likes. Canon and original.

Links to quality archives and sites of interest

Thanking the authors who were kind enough to email me their erudite, thoughtful answers to the questions I asked about slash and OFC's, and then recorded as podcasts. My aim is to allow the incredibly talented, intelligent authors within the fandom to share their thoughts on these two most vilified subjects, and which they write, of course, brilliantly.

The webpage has very kindly been loaned to me by Esteliel.


Recommended Authors List ~ Dark Prince Webpage

Recommended Fanfiction-Tolkien related sites ~ Dark Prince Webpage

(Both lists are organic)

(This is organic too. Only active fanfiction authors are listed, but I am always looking for more to add.)

I cannot thank these authors enough for all the immense pleasure their works have given me. They have stirred me, twisted me into knots, saddened me to tears, made me shout at the screen in approbation or abuse, made me think deeply about the characters and their personalities and motivations. These writers have given vivid life to both canon and original characters to a degree that is rarely seen in published works.

These are mostly long works or series with the exception of a couple, as these authors excel in creating their own world within Middle-earth and fill the breadth and space longer works permit with the power of their stunning imaginations and wordsmithing.

The links go to the authors bio or home-page, as their works have different ratings. Please heed these.


Esteliel has hooked me completely from since first reading her. Her series is not all about sex, despite the warnings and ratings, in fact it is a very skillful and thought provoking look at what is basically Stockholm Syndrome and how and why that can develop into love. The way the characters relationships develop from a terrible beginning is enthralling, deeply moving, and sympathetic, steamy and addictive. Any-one perceiving at this as just a kinky slash fic has missed the point entirely. I love this series. Highly reccomended.


Kenaz' writing is gorgeous, elegant. It's like drinking a very good wine. Wonderful descriptions, her portrayal of the differences between the Elven realms and their customs is absorbing, and authentic. Her characters are beautifully realized, her dialogue wonderful. Reading her humbles me to dust.


To me A New Day, (MEFA 2008 First Place, Longer Works: General) is the ultimate Maedhros and Fingon' story. It's the story I wanted to read about them when I was still in my teens. She has a talent for writing characters and settings which make me think I open a door into that time and place and just sit and watch the tale play before me. I also adore her Maglor and Daeron pairing.


Elegy For Númenor is superb, and
I must also recommend her Swordspoint fic Windfall
(I highly recommend Ellen Kushner's Swordspoint - main pairing M/M. She is a brilliant author and Elfscribe's fic is wonderful. It goes without saying her Tolkien work is.)

Dawn Felagund.
A superb writer, coiner of the phrase 'Tolkien Heretic', founder of
The Silmarillion Writers Guild.


I am such a fan of The Sons Of Thunder, which takes place during the War of the Ring. All the characters are excellently written, beautiful descriptions, but her guilt-lust-grief tormented Elrohir naturally draws me. I love tormented characters and this story is rich in pathos.


Dark Forest.

Rating M. Genres: Drama, Angst. Slash.

When Legolas and Gimli venture into Fangorn, little do they realize the danger they are about to meet or the wretched secrets they will uncover from ages past.

  One of those unusual gems from FF.net.

Surgical Steel

Steel has created a real, earthy, immensely appealing character in her ' The King's Surgeon.' A spiritually strong woman, with a heart; clever and courageous, a real gem with foibles and flaws and keen intelligence set within a enthralling story. Also co-writes with Pandemonium_213

Darth Fingon

Silmarillion based fanfiction, such as You Live Your Life In The Shadow Of The Mountain.

Pink Siamese.

Pink is a phenomenal writer, frighteningly talented. She also writes the steamiest het erotica I have ever read. Reading her over a year ago confirmed in me that some of the best writing is on the net, not published and on bookshelves.

  Lilith Lessfair

Sauron as a Dark Lady. You think this cannot work? You will change your mind after reading. Stunning. And much more to come.


Tolkien's science does not work. :) In the Pandë!verse it does. :D
Some stories take such a different approach to Tolkien that they force those of us who like reading outside the box to stretch the boundaries of our imagination even further; to lay aside the 'absolutes' that we *know* within Tolkien's writing. Pandemonium's works portray Sauron in a way that is impossible to reject, a creator, a scientist, a genius. Her science is written in a way that even I can understand and both her original and canon characters characters are vivid and human and *real*.(Sauron/Marc Remillard. That is so perfect I don't even know where to begin !)


Very, very clever, very witty, and with descriptions that can explode into vivid beauty, this author's ficlets leave one wanting to read a novella by her. Like, now :) Like Pandemonium she has a unique view of some of Tolkien's most vilified characters.

Alpha Ori

I am reading The Protege a slash story that is beautiful and unusual, feeling like myth.

Independence 1776

Silmarillion-based fiction.

Aislynn Crowdaughter

Slave-fic, an evil Elrond, a sadistic Aragorn, Legolas bound by a frightful spell? How does it work? It works because the AU constructed by the author ticks like a Swiss watch. It is reasoned and logical - and very disturbing.

Ignoble Bard.

I love Ignoble Bard's slash. It is elegant, erotic and beautiful. His Fait Accompli had me gaping at the screen at the end, I was so floored. He simply never fails to produce profoundly lovely erotica.

Beruthiels_Cat's stories, and some which were part of my Dark Prince, have now been taken from this site, but will be available on her Deviant Art account in the future. Certain ideas, pertaining to embodiment of the Flame Imperishable, the Great Music and the latter fate of the Silmarils are the intellectual property of Beruthiel's_Cat, who has been kind enough to allow me to use them, as they fit in with earlier hints and ideas in the stories. Thank-you so much.

Esteliel, Loesvalthen, BeruthielsCat and myself also co-mod the Tolkien-Elfslash Group on Deviant Art, for both art and fanfiction.